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"Amazing! I was having a lot of stress, anxiety and the Doctor helped me with awesome and relaxing treatments to cope with my stress. After each treatments I felt so calm. The overthinking and insomnia got relief. I definitely recommend him. He is so professional. It's a blessing to find a doctor that cares for his patients. Thanks so much for helping me!" - Neri M.

"Dr. Felix is so knowledgeable and thorough with his treatments. He takes the time to care and understand my concerns and knows how to solve them. Thank you!" - Kira R.

"This is the best place to visit and the best acupuncture doctor

is @ this place. I recommended. I’m. Very satisfied." - Victor Figueroa

"Dr. Felix is truly amazing! I was in a lot of pain (I mean a lot) and conventional medicine was not helping at all. I was in quite a dark place with my pain. A friend suggested acupuncture - I thought I had noting to lose by giving it a try. Dr. Felix was amazing, very understanding and very knowledgeable. It was incredible...after only two sessions with Dr. Felix I was totally pain free! Dr. Felix can and does deliver miracles! I totally recommend Dr. Felix!!!"

- Alan Barlow

"I started seeing Dr Felix in January of 2018 for anxiety and hormone issues. Within just a few sessions, my monthly cycles found balance and my symptoms improved by leaps and bounds! Cramps minimalized if I experienced them at all; anxiety lessened dramatically as well as food cravings leading to. Most days during my cycle I even forgot it was that time of the month. I realized thanks to the help of Dr Felix that we as women don't need to suffer! Thank you so much for your help!"

-Lisa R.

"Dr. Felix is amazing. His knowledge and quiet caring ways put you at ease. After just 1 treatment my CRPS symptoms have disappeared and my TMJ is relieved. Thank You Dr.Felix" -

-Emma M.

"I have had diabetic Neuropathy in my feet for more than 15 years which included numbness, tingling and painful irritation that even bed linens can cause.  I had one acupuncture session with Dr. Felix in the Riviera Spa and within a day or so I saw amazing relief. I had a follow up session this morning. All tingling - GONE. Numbness -REDUCED. Painful irritation - GONE. He also worked on my knees due to torn meniscus in both.  Pain - GONE. Now able to do squats pain free.   I'm not naive enough to state that this is a cure-all or will work the same for everyone. However, I am pleasantly surprised and would recommend you try it if you have the same issues I've had."  - Pat Ditzel

"I came to Dr. Felix with what I would consider severe hot flashes due to perimenopause. I was experiencing them between 10 and 15 times a day, sweating profusely on my arms and legs, my face would redden, and my chest would feel hot. Taking clothes on and off, drinking herbal teas, and using fans were the norm, but provided minimal relief. I had to wait them out, only to feel anxious about when the next one was coming. To make matters worse, the flashes also occurred at night, waking me from much needed sleep. For months, I slept an average of only two hours at a time, waking up four or five times per night. The sleep deprivation was increasing my already difficult waking hours and I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and depressed.

Without any improvement in sight, I researched quite a bit online and found acupuncture as a possible course of treatment. I was excited to try it especially because I lean toward holistic medicine and prefer natural remedies. Upon meeting you, I was put at ease with your kind nature and desire to help, along with your knowledge and flexible approach with treatment options. You were confident that some combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs would alleviate my symptoms.

The acupuncture did decrease my symptoms and once we added just a few doses of Chinese herbs...a miracle happened! Not only did my hot flashes completely vanish, but I began sleeping anywhere from six to eight hours a night without interruption! It was such a strange sensation to be free of such a debilitating problem which I believed could be with me for years. What is even more astonishing, is that months later I continue to not have hot flashes while sleeping through the night. Dr. Felix, I am beyond grateful for your help in positively transforming my life.

A million thank yous!! - Jill G

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